Meter Engineers Launches Petro Gone™ Meter Prover Solvent

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Meter Engineers Launches Petro Gone™ Meter Prover Solvent

Meter Engineers releases its’ in-house product, Petro Gone™, to the petroleum industry. A purpose-built solvent to ease the process of removing hydrocarbons prior to water draw calibration.

Kechi, Kansas – Brad Young, President of Meter Engineers, has announced it has a new product offering. A cleaning mixture originally used for the company’s own needs, and now available and trademarked as Petro Gone™. It is an environmentally friendly, citrus-derived solvent formulated to remove hydrocarbons prior to meter prover calibration.

“Due to the strict tolerance demands by the hydrocarbon measurement industry, having a clean measurement section in any prover is critical in the calibration process,” Young said. “We are excited to bring this product to the market and provide customers with confidence, knowing their equipment will be free of hydrocarbons.”

“After using the 100% technical grade solvent internally for years and experiencing how well it worked on our own equipment, we knew our customers would love it,” said Young.  “The quality, reliability, and ease of use make this product a game-changer for any technician working with meter provers in the petroleum industry.”

Petro Gone™ has a 4-step cleaning process with a recommended dilution strength of half a gallon to 5 barrels of empty prover volume. The custom cleaning solution is available at Meter Engineers Headquarters in Kechi, KS, their new service center in Baytown, TX, and online when scheduling a water draw. You can purchase Petro Gone™ solvent in 3 container sizes, including 1 Gallon Jug, 5 Gallon Pail, and 55 Gallon Drum.

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