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Since 1976, when Bill Young started Meter Engineers in a small midwestern town, he aspired to provide petroleum measurement technicians with innovations to enhance accuracy and system assurance of vital metering equipment; the bottom line for the industry. Now in its second generation of ownership, Bill’s successor and son, Brad Young, leads the future growth of Meter Engineers. He shares his father’s ability to recognize authentic needs while attributing the company’s ongoing success and longevity to a steadfast commitment to quality. Reliable products begin with a customer-first mentality. It is a mantra at Meter Engineers that will never change.

Company Milestones



Meter Engineers is founded by Bill Young. The original location was in Kechi, Kansas within a 4,000 square-foot facility. A significant foothold was established within the hydrocarbon measurement industry by offering contract meter proving.


Meter Engineers designs and builds its first custom Water Draw Trailer and begins performing water draw calibrations throughout the region.


Meter Engineers moves to a new location in Maize, Kansas quadrupling its operations to 16,000 square feet. With the additional space as catalyst, the shop expands the product line by manufacturing its first Bidirectional Meter Prover. The company experiences exponential growth in design and engineering capabilities at this time.


Bill Young is nominated to serve as a committee member of International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement.


Brad Young enters full time at Meter Engineers.


Meter Engineers develops and sells its first Atmospheric Tank Prover.


Meter Engineers develops and sells it first Unidirectional Meter Prover.


Meter Engineers completes its first international sale with delivery of a Water Draw Calibration Unit to Russia.


After 11 years with Meter Engineers, Brad Young becomes the General Manager of Meter Engineers.


Meter Engineers develops and patents the MEI Sphere Detector Switch.


Meter Engineers develops and patents the MEI Unicast Sphere.


Brad Young becomes the President and sole owner of Meter Engineers.
Meter Engineers acquires the company, Automated Pipe Line Instruments (APLI) which introduces Quality Control Systems to the portfolio of products.


Meter Engineers starts providing Meter Prover Inspections services using the latest explosion-proof robotic and optical technology available on the market.


Meter Engineers expands its fleet with a fifth Water Draw Calibration unit. The rolling service now accounts for nearly 80% of the U.S. market share for all water draw calibrations.


Deb Jacobs, General Manager is nominated to serve as Committee Chair on the American Petroleum Institute Working Group.


Meter Engineers expands its operational footprint to 100,000 square feet by relocating back to its origin, Kechi, Kansas.
MEI Unicast Spheres surpasses 7,500 sales worldwide.


Meter Engineers develops and patents the MagnaProve® Small-Volume Captive Displacement Prover and unveils it at the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement.


Meter Engineers surpasses 3,000 MEI Sphere Detector Switches sold worldwide.
Waterdraw Calibration, Prover Inspection, and Meter Proving units surpass 250,000 annual miles; Servicing over 500 provers throughout the United States.


Meter Engineers delivers its 10th MagnaProve in the United States.


Meter Engineers establishes a Global Sales and Development Strategy, hiring five key staff members to identify overseas sales representatives, and realize international sales.
A new 7,500 square foot service and distribution center is established in Baytown, Texas
Meter Engineers signs agreements with their first international sales representatives in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.
Meter Engineers reaches over 1,500 locations for products or services throughout the world.
Meter Engineers obtains ISO-9001:2015 Certification (Headquarters & Manufacturing facility in Kechi, Kansas)
Meter Engineers develops patent pending swivel joints. Currently available in various sizes from 2″ – 12″.
Meter Engineers introduces Nitro Balanceload arm positioners.
Meter Engineers unveils MagnaProve® Retro linear drive end conversion for ALL makes and models of small volume piston provers.


Plans to have 10+ established Sales Representatives in strategic locations around the globe.


Become the leading global supplier of Meter Provers in the world.

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