Small-Volume Piston Provers


Small-Volume Piston Meter Prover

MagnaProve® Overview

The Future of Captive Displacement Prover Technology

Meter Engineers’ new, patented MagnaProve® is the most dependable, user-friendly, and economical small volume piston prover on the market. Accuracy is not a want or a need. It’s an expectation. For the petroleum industry, a small metering error can create an enormous dent in profits. With the new MagnaProve, accuracy and dependability contribute to a healthy bottom line. This meter prover is designed for precision and durability while remaining flexible and versatile for a wide range of metering sites and applications.

Features at a Glance

Exclusive Unique Drive System with A High-Strength Electromagnet

Why the magnet? It was the lure of building a better product. The world needed a prover with superior flow rate turndown, faster cycle times, and improved system durability. From these aspirations, we developed the MagnaProve, the only meter prover to utilize the power of the magnet. This proprietary electromagnet design with a linear actuator gathers its performance by releasing the piston from the magnet, which removes drag from proving runs. This drastically boosts efficiency and proving cycle times. In fact, the linear actuator provides prover readings in as little as 5-second intervals, depending on the flow rate. Equally important, the magnetic field does not transfer through the stainless-steel internal parts. This ensures no extra debris is picked up that would affect the accuracy of proving readings. Additionally, the stainless-steel casing prevents electromagnetic field interference to the system, allowing the magnet and piston to perform their duties unencumbered. All things considered, who wouldn’t be attracted to a prover that delivers this level of system certainty?

  • Exclusive inline magnetic drive system
  • Efficiency contributes to a healthy bottom line
  • Improved system durability means less downtime
  • Drag is significantly reduced for faster cycle times
  • World-class factory service and support
  • Options include: Custom engineered trailers, truck beds, load arms, swivel joints, spring assist, seal check, leak detection, pycnometer, custom density packages, and much more
  • Inlet and Outlet Orientation Configurable Upon Request
  • All models are capable of portable and stationary options.

Which Model Do I Need?

MP1050 Model Image
Model Specifications
  • Dimension
    Spooled – IN (CM)
    Spoolless – IN/CM
    A 35 (89) 35 (89)
    B 49 (124) 49 (124)
    C 185 (469) 181 (459)
    D 31 (79) 31 (79)
    E 23 (59) 23 (59)
    F 66 (167) 54 (136)


    1. Dimensions are subject to change based on the ANSI flange pressure rating.

    2. All dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Service Clearance Dimensions

    Inlet/Outlet Front Side
    36in / 91cm
    Guide Rod
    144in / 366cm
    Barrel Back Side
    24in / 61cm
    Cabinet End
    96in / 244cm
    Electrical Box
    36in / 91cm


    ANSI B16.5
    Flange Rating
    Weight (+/- 5%)
    Weight w/ Water (+/- 5%)
    Class 150 1520lbs / 689kg 1608lbs / 762kg
    Class 300 1790lbs / 812kg 1950lbs / 885kg
    Class 600 2250lbs / 1021kg 2410lbs / 1093kg
    Class 900 2880lbs / 1306kg 3040lbs / 1379kg



    ANSI B16.5
    Flange Rating
    Weight (+/- 5%)
    Weight w/ Water (+/- 5%)
    Class 150 1400lbs / 635kg 1520lbs / 689kg
    Class 300 1560lbs / 708kg 1680lbs / 762kg
    Class 600 1810lbs / 821kg 1930lbs / 875kg
    Class 900 2150lbs / 975kg 2270lbs / 1030kg
Max Working Pressure

    ANSI B16.5 Flange Rating
    Max Working Pressure (PSI)
    Class 150 285
    Class 300 740
    Class 600 1480
    Class 900 2220

    1. Max working pressure is rated for a temperature range of -20°F(-30°C) to 250°F(120°C). Per ASME/ANSI 31.4 para 404.4.1

    2. All pressure-containing welds have been NDT tested per ASME/ANSI 31.3.

Flow Range

    Max Flow Rate
    735 GPM / 1,050 BPH / 167 M³H
    Displaced Volume
    5Gal / 19L
    I/O Size
Electrical Connections

    120VAC Single-Phase
    120VAC / 240VAC Single-Phase
    240VAC Three-Phase
    480VAC Three-Phase
Compare Models
Model NumberSize (O.D.)Displaced Volume (GAL)Max Flow Rate (BPH)1 SECOND FLIGHT TIME MAX FLOW RATE (BPH)STD. I/O Size

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