Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms – By using the website and any services provided on this domain, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth. All terms presented are a binding legal agreement and sets any age restrictions for visitors.

License to Use – All visitors have a limited right to use this website as long as they abide by all terms set forth on this page.

Cookies – If your website uses cookies, you need to have a section that details how they are used to store information. You must also detail how users can decline these cookies by disabling them in their browser settings.

Acceptable Use Policy – Prohibited uses of the website include illegal purposes, harvesting data, harassing others, using this website for users’ personal gain, and all other activity deemed malicious or harmful.

International Use and Compliance – This section will detail that the visitors are required to ensure the site conforms to any laws in their area.

User Accounts – If you allow people to make accounts on your website, you should include this section. It will detail that when an account is made, the user is ensuring all data provided is accurate and true and that they are responsible for their account information, including their password.

Modification of Site – You will want to include this section because it will detail that you are allowed to modify, change, add to, terminate, or suspend any part or all the site at any time, even without providing notice.

Support or Maintenance – Unless you plan on providing it, you will want to detail that you are not under an obligation to provide any website maintenance or customer support.

Privacy – Privacy policy for this site and all materials can be viewed on our privacy policy page located here.

Rights and Ownership – All intellectual property is owned by Meter Engineers. All rights to content on the website, except for any user content, and that the visitors to the site may not be used or published in any way without permission.

Disclaimers –Provided is information is for customer education only. Meter Engineers is not liable for any promises that are not offered or intended to offer.

Termination and Modification – Meter Engineers have the right to terminate the access of any visitor at any time without notice and at our discretion.

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