MagnaProve® Retro

MagnaProve Retro
Prover Drive System Retrofit

MagnaProve Retro Overview

Why forfeit valuable company assets and spend unnecessary money to replace the same part?

When buying a new captive displacement prover, the barrel is often the costliest component. It typically is also the most durable part of the prover. At the end of a prover’s life, barrels in good condition are often wasted simply because of an unrecoverable, outdated, faulty drive assembly or electronics. Meter Engineers set out to give customers the ability to access the newest state of the art MagnaProve® technology and modernized electronics without the cost, lead time, and downtime associated with a new prover. This desire to give customers access to our latest technology led us to create MagnaProve®Retro.

Features at a Glance

MagnaProve®Retro is Meter Engineers’ universal drive replacement for captive displacement provers. This allows the patented technology of MagnaProve® along with its unparalleled electronics system to be used with nearly all barrel and piston combinations. Any captive displacement prover with a downstream rod can easily be upgraded with the inline magnetic drive system that has revolutionized the way provers are operated and maintained. The MagnaProve®Retro is available in 3 different sizes to be compatible with all flow rates and barrel sizes. Any existing piston may be used, or Meter Engineers has the expertise to supply a piston to fit the existing barrel while keeping the same pre-run and volume as before.

At Meter Engineers, we know speed, reliability, and cost matter; that’s why we simplified the design and streamlined the proving process. Fewer system components paired with a simple design allow quicker, more efficient provings. This allows the system to be tuned for speed at low flows and pressures or strength for high flows and pressures. Never before has a prover been so easily customizable to meet the needs and demands of specific applications. Having fewer parts reduces cost and helps increase the bottom line. Contaminants and corrosion destroy moving parts over time, leading to less reliable and unsafe operation. All components of the MagnaProve®Retro are sealed from the outside environment. Utilizing this sealed drive assembly, the MagnaProve®Retro requires less routine maintenance and extends the life of all moving components. Free from the harsh conditions of weather and contaminants such as dirt and water, the entire system runs longer and more reliably between cleaning, lubricating, and replacing moving parts. In any system scenario, wear items are the first to fail. In the clean environment created by the sealed drive assembly, these parts are rated to last millions of cycles.

In premature failure due to faulty components or disregard for scheduled maintenance, all moving or load-bearing parts in the MagnaProve®Retro are easily replaceable and are economical to purchase. Once the drive assembly has reached the life rating of the moving components, the entire drive assembly can easily be refreshed with all new moving parts, load-bearing parts, and seals for a substantially lower cost than a new prover or drive assembly. This level of future service and cost savings is what sets Meter Engineers and MagnaProve®Retro apart from the competition. MagnaProve®Retro saves time and money by decreasing production and installation time, decreasing proving time, and decreasing future costs and frequency of future expenses. Paired with the unrivaled customer service of Meter Engineers, the MagnaProve®Retro stands to revolutionize captive displacement provers.

  • Exclusive internal flag rod temperature probe gives accurate temperature within the flag rod
  • Durable Electromagnet
  • Stainless steel casing blocks electromagnet field interference to the drive assembly
  • Magnetic field will not transfer through stainless steel internal parts, ensuring no extra debris is picked up
  • Fixed flags on the flag rod mark the volume points
  • One optical sensor that, if replaced, does not affect the volume points
  • Universal and unique drive system utilizes ball screws and a high strength electromagnet
  • Triple guide design eliminates misalignment that causes drag and optical sensor damage
  • Sealed drive cabinet means cleaner components allowing longer, more reliable operation with less maintenance.
  • Options: software package and auto seal check
Compare Models
ModelBBL/hrGPMCompatible Prover Models
1.0" Ball Screw0 - 4,0000 - 2,800Meter Engineers: MP1050, MP1300, MP2600
Flow MD: FMD007, FMD015, FMD025
Honeywell: S05, S15, S25
1.5" Ball Screw4,000 - 10,0002,800 - 7,000Meter Engineers: MP4500, MP5355, MP8500
Flow MD: FMD035, FMD045, FMD060
Honeywell: S35, S50
2.0 Ball Screw10,000+7,000+Meter Engineers: MP12750, MP18500, MP28500
Flow MD: FMD090, FMD130, FMD200, FMD245
Honeywell: S85, S120

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