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Not only do we love serving our existing customers, we also hope to make things easier for potential ones when learning about us or the industry in general. Here, we’ve assembled a collection of our most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer to yours, please feel free to contact us.

Meter Engineers is a privately/family-owned company founded in 1976 by Bill Young. For over 40 years, the Meter Engineers team has been serving the global petroleum measurement industry from our two locations in Kechi, Kansas, and Baytown, Texas. Meter Engineers is known as “Your One Stop Prover Shop.” Our business is manufacturing, servicing and supporting provers for liquid hydrocarbon custody transfer. We also offer our own line of hydrocarbon analyzers and samplers.

Our business is manufacturing, servicing, and supporting provers for liquid hydrocarbon custody transfer. Meter Engineers also have a complete line of hydrocarbon analyzers and samplers used in quality control applications.

We pride ourselves as the “One Stop Prover Shop” and manufacture all models of Meter Provers.

Base Prover Models:

  • Unidirectional Ball Provers
  • Bidirectional Ball Provers
  • MagnaProve® Captive Displacement Prover (also known as a small volume prover)
  • Volumetric Tank Provers.
  • Hydrocarbon analyzers and samplers (used in quality control applications)

Proving Products & Accessories:

  • Patented Seamless Unicast Spheres and Sphere Detector Switches.

Custom Fabrications:

  • Custom Meter Provers
  • Prover Accessory Products
  • Industry Leading Trailers
  • Swivel Joints
  • High-Pressure Arm Assists
  • Prover Drive-End Cabinet Retrofits
  • Master Meters
  • Meter Skids

We service all makes and models of meter provers, hydrocarbon analyzers, and samplers both in the field and at both Meter Engineers locations.

Serviceable Manufacturers (Not Limited To):

  • Brodie (Brooks)
  • Emerson
  • Honeywell
  • Flow Measurement Devices (FMD)
  • Y-Z Samplers
  • Welker
  • Weamco
  • Angus
  • FH Maloney
  • Mag-Tek
  • Kidd
  • Smith

Meter Engineers has two locations in the United States.

1600 E. Tigua, Kechi , KS 67267
Phone: +1.316.721.4214

Service & Distribution Center
8701 Freedom Drive, Baytown, TX 77523
Phone: +1.346.801.6130

Yes, Meter Engineers currently has 6 international sales representatives.

Sales Representative Locations:

  • Canada
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

If you are interested in speaking with one of our international representatives call:
Tyler Walston, Director of Global Development
Phone: +1.316.721-4214

Meter Engineers started strictly as a service company and gained experience by solving many of the most complex prover problems in the field. From this experience, Meter Engineers began manufacturing superior variations of all meter proving equipment and prover types. To this day, Meter Engineer’s primary focus is to provide the utmost service, innovation, and quality fabrication to our global customer base.

A prover is an automated system with a known calibrated volume that provides on-site calibration to ensure flow meters used in custody transfer applications maintain sustainable measurement performance as well as remain in compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API) and industry standards.

Due to constantly evolving environmental conditions from the time a flow meter is originally calibrated, proving reduces the meter uncertainty to optimize accountability during custody transfer operations.

Provers not only minimize financial risk but provide operators with accuracy and repeatability of flow meters. Our products reduce maintenance and lifecycle operating costs by eliminating human and mechanical error.

Large Volume
Large volume pipe provers are most often put into service for hydrocarbon and chemical processing applications. These provers are generally best suited for pipeline metering terminals, tanker and barge-loading facilities, refineries and petrochemical plants, and metering of liquid fuels for power plants.

Small Volume (Compact or SVP)
Compact provers or small volume provers are commonly used to verify measurement at marketing terminals or in both crude and refined product pipelines. These provers are also typically suitable for FSO and FPSO offloading, ship and barge loading/offloading, railcar loading/offloading, and calibration laboratories.

Large volume Pipe Provers

  • Bidirectional
  • Unidirectional

Compact Provers

  • Captive Displacement Piston Provers (MagnaProve®)
  • Bidirectional

Low-Pressure Product Prover

  • Volumetric Tank Provers

Provers may be fabricated or custom-built to fit any range of specifications or constructed to meet any customers’ needs.

The MagnaProve’s design has many unique features that we believe set it apart:

  • The linear actuator has an exceptionally long run time and durability
  • Automatic seal check
  • Longer pre-travel which helps with launch pressure deviation
  • High-pressure arm assist,
  • Superior performance separates MagnaProve from its competition.

Meter Engineers currently offers 8 base prover models with 4 different ANSI Ratings.

Max Flow Rate Range:
1050 BPH (167 M3/HR) to 18,500 BPH (2,941 M3/HR)

Turndown Ratio:
All MagnaProve® have a 1200:1 Turndown Ratio in accordance with API Chapter 4.2

Average yearly water draw calibration & maintenance cost range between $1,500 and $3,200

  • Average price includes Commissioning Kit
  • Numbers are based on a 5 yr. waterdraw Schedule

As per API Standards, every 3 years for portable units and every 5 years for stationary units

Meter Engineers provers work on all types of flow meters.

Base Meter Models:

  • Coriolis
  • Ultrasonic
  • Turbine
  • Positive Displacement Meters

Yes, Meter Engineers offer Preventative Maintenance Packages. Packages differ by product and options purchased.

Volumetric waterdraw calibration is a procedure used to determine the volume of a prover by displacing water from the prover into a field standard test measure(s) certified by NIST. All procedures and calculations follow API recommendations.

Accurate measurement is vital during custody transfer. A volumetric waterdraw calibration reduces measurement uncertainty and the subsequent impact on your operation’s bottom line.

Ultimately volumetric waterdraws verify your provers accuracy, fulfills API’s minimum recommended calibration schedule, and checks the prover’s mechanical integrity.

Meter Engineers currently has 6 Portable waterdraw calibration trailers capable of traveling over 250,000 miles annually and servicing over 500 provers annually.

We also have 2 stationary waterdraw calibration units. One is located at our headquarters in Kechi, KS, and another at our service and distribution center in Baytown, Texas.

Currently Meter Engineers has roughly 80% of the U.S. market share for waterdraw calibration services.

  • API Chapter 1104
  • ASME B31.4
  • ASM B31.3
  • ANSI B16.47
  • ANSI B16.5
  • NEMA 7 & 9
  • UL

ISO 9001:2015 (In Progress)

A prover sphere displaces the liquid volume within a prover and triggers the sphere detector switches to start and stop the proving cycle.

Meter Engineers has sold close to 10,000 Unicast Spheres since introducing the patented product in 2004.

A MEI Sphere Detector Switch triggers the start and stop of a proving cycle. There are always, at minimum, two detector switches used on a ball prover.

Meter Engineers has sold close to 4,000 Sphere Detector Switches since introducing the product in 2003.

The overall quality of the liquid hydrocarbon is just as important as the overall volume of the measurement.

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