Volumetric Tank Provers

Volumetric Tank Provers

Meter Proving & Calibration Equipment

Volumetric Prover Overview

A Small Prover Footprint With Big Business Impact

Atmospheric with a dry-bottom design, the Meter Engineers volumetric tank prover is used in the calibration of oil flow meters for fiscal, allocation or custody transfer measurements when moving from one entity to another. The flexibility and compact size of the equipment is what makes the volumetric tank so highly valued.

Depending on the volume requirements of a meter, our engineers can design the optimal vessel to achieve your specific proving needs. There is added confidence knowing all Meter Engineers volumetric tanks are built according to American Petroleum Institute Chapter 4.4 and National Institute of Standards and Technology 105-3 recommendations – an accuracy of ±0,05% or better.

Features at a Glance

Advantages of Meter Engineers Volumetric Tank Provers

We build our tanks like a tank. Solid 304 stainless steel construction and in a variety of prover design configurations (skid, trailer or chassis mounted) to fit your needs, but can accommodate most custom prover requests if a unique specification is desired. All Meter Engineer tanks incorporate a bottom diffuser plate at the point of liquid entry. The nature of this design prevents swirl or vortex formations from developing trapped air and effecting overall accuracy; another reason why Meter Engineers leads in the field.

  • Portable or Stationary configuration
  • 304 Stainless Steel tank construction or optional carbon steel
  • Optional Class 1 Dev 1 (explosion proof) pump on portable units
  • Scully overflow protection or comparable system
  • Built-in spirit levels with adjustable/lockable legs
  • Adjustable scale assembly calibrated in gallons and cubic inches
  • Ladder with platform for 1,000 Gallons or larger
  • Variety of inlet and outlet sizes
  • Sight flow indicators
  • Vapor recovery system

What Capacity Do You Need?

VT1000 Model Image
Model Specifications
  • Description
    Height A 132 in
    Width B 96 in


    1. Dimensions “A”, “B” are for overall dimensions (+/- 1″).

    2. All dimensions are subject to change without notice.


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