Recovery / Reinjection Systems

Recovery / Reinjection System

Recovery / Reinjection Systems Overview

Eliminate Unwanted Product

The RS-1/2 can be incorporated into any sampling or slipstream process unit. It is designed to reinject the product used by the unit, eliminating unwanted product in the station sump system. The RS-1/2 Recovery/Re-Injection System consists of a 15-gallon stainless steel tank, 4 level stainless steel float system, 2HP or 3HP explosion proof motor, reduction gear box, positive displacement pump, and a programmable logic controller (PLC). The RS-1/2 Recovery/Re-Injection System has 3 modes of operation.

Features at a Glance


With the selector switch in the NORMAL position, the product enters the recovery tank from the flasher as it is running. The product will rise in the tank until it reaches the 9.4-gallon level float switch (LS1, high level). The motor/pump will start injecting products into the pipeline until the product level decreases below the lowest level float switch. If the Process Unit should stop, then the RS-1/2 can be interconnected to stop also. When the unit resumes operation, the RS-1/2 will start injecting again once the product level has risen above the LS2 float level switch. The tank will be pumped empty in approximately 5 minutes.


In the fast cycle mode, (selector switch in the FAST position) the pump will start when the product level reaches the 3.7-gallon lowest level float switch. The tank will be pumped empty in approximately 2 minutes.


In the manual cycle mode, (selector switch in the MANUAL position) the pump unit will run if the product level is above the lowest level float switch.


The RS-1/2 Recovery System has alarm outputs to alert station personnel of an abnormal or malfunction condition and PLC protection to prevent tank overflow or pump/motor damage.

Which Model Do I Need?

Model Specifications
Mechanical Specifications

    Pump Discharge Connection
    1/2 Swagelok Stainless Steel Tubing/Hose
    Pump Inlet Filtration
    230 Micron T Type Filter
    Discharge Valve Cracking Pressure
    100 PSIG
    Discharge Valve Pressure
    1225 PSIG
    Motor Make/Model
    Baldor VL5027 Explosion Proof
    184 C FACE
    Gearbox Make/Model
    Dodge / Reliance 56/140 SM 16A Master Parallel
    Helical Gear Ratio
    Recovery Tank Capacity
    15 Gallons
    12 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
    Pump Make/Model
    290 Triplex Piston Pump
    Max Output Pressure
    1200 PSIG
    Electrical Specifications

        Input Voltage
        208230 VAC Single Phase (With Neutral for 115 VAC Control)
        Input Current
        11.6 AMPS
        Customer Status Input
        Remote Pump Run Command
        Customer Status Outputs:
        High-High Tank Level (2 Form C, 10 Amp Dry Contacts)

        Alarm/Malfunction (2 Form C 10 Amp Dry Contacts)

        Pump On (PLC 2 Amp Contact, Common to Outputs 0-3)

        High Tank Level (PLC 2 Amp Contact, Common to Outputs 0-3)

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