Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Quality Control Maintenance Services


Meter Engineers is pleased to announce our new preventative maintenance program. Under this program, Meter Engineers will send a technician to your site to service your equipment on a semi-annual, annual, or combination program. The semiannual procedure is basic preventative maintenance. The annual maintenance procedure is a complete inspection, cleaning, and thorough inspection of your equipment. The combination agreement includes both the semiannual and yearly trips and comes with a limited warranty


Every 6 months
  • Inspect operation of the flow switch(s)
  • Inspect sampler pump(s)
  • Inspect O-rings and gaskets inside sample block, replace as needed
  • Inspect pressure gauges
  • Inspect and set regulator(s)
  • Inspect operation of all solenoids
  • Inspect operation of check valves
  • Clean 140 micron product inlet filter(s)
  • Clean computer case and electronics
  • Check operation of float switch
Every 12 months


    • Sample pump(s)
    • 3-way solenoids if applicable


    • 140 micron product inlet filter(s)
    • All check valve seats with rebuild kit

    Fast Loop

    Every 6 months
    • Inspect operation of pump and magnetic coupling
    • Inspect motor
    • Test control system
    • Clean out Y-strainer

    Haze Tracker

    Every 6 months
    • Inspect and clean sight glass
    • Torque bolts
    • Tighten electrical connections
    • Clean camera lens, adjust settings and alignment
    • Clean computer, internal components, and electronics
    • Inspect and clean light source
    • Test function of float switch
    • Test function of heater and thermostat
    • Test self-cleaning system
    • Check photo cell
    • Run haze factor test


    • Replace lamp inside light source
    • Every 12 months
    • Everything listed under the 6-month plan

    Rapid Flash

    Every 6 months
    • Replace air filters
    • Replace Tygon tubing
    • Replace used flash chamber sensors and flame arrestors
    • Clean and inspect sight glass
    • Clean and inspect 15 micron sample vapor filter
    • Clean and inspect Product filter
    • Clean and inspect optic level sensors
    • Clean and inspect flow meter
    • Inspect vacuum pump
    • Inspect heater
    • Inspect thermostat
    • Test float switch

    Manually Adjust:

    • Airflow
    • Sample fuel level
    • Pressure regulator
    • Inlet solenoid
    • Vacuum control valve
    • Pump control

    Calibrate and Verify:

    • Sensor bridge circuits
    • Gravity input 4-20ma
    • Temperature input (RTD)
    • 4-20ma output
    • Perform Vacuum test on system
    Every 12 Months


      • All solenoids located inside cabinet (only RF2 and RF3)


      • 15 micron sample vapor filter
      • 140 micron product filter

      Recovery / Re-injection System

      Every 6 months
      • Inspect gearbox
      • Inspect motor
      • Inspect pump
      • Inspect coupler
      • Inspect operation of PLC
      • Test float system (machine will need product for this)
      • Clean out 230 micron product filter
      Every 12 months


        • Lubricants in gearbox
        • Lubricants in pump
        • 230 micron product filter


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