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Pipeline Haze Analyzer

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Haze Analyzer Overview

The Haze Tracker is a quality control instrument for pipelines to track the clarity of the product being transported. Also known as the Pipeline Haze Rating System, this instrument simulates the ASTM standard D4176. The system provides continuous (4 second) updates of product integrity via a CRT located in the Control Center. As the pipeline industry continues to improve the productivity of the workforce, this unit will become essential in providing accurate and continuous observations of product color and clarity.

Features at a Glance

Our Pipeline Haze Analyzer features the best in quality:
  • Sight Glass
  • High pressure rating of 1800 PSIG working pressure.
  • Constructed from stainless steel with triple layer Pyrex safety glass
  • Automatic flushing/cleaning of lenses.
  • Communication
  • Video transmission to remote monitor with standard twisted pair wiring.
  • Analog/digital communications via RS-485
  • Optional Remote Video Access
  • Computer & I/O
  • Standard Pentium based computer with special video card and video monitor.
  • 4-20 ma haze rating output for chart recorder/display/SCADA system.
  • High resolution color CCD camera.

Which Model Do I Need?

Pipeline Haze Analyzer

Pipeline Haze Analyzer Model Image
Model Specifications
Mechanical Specifications

    1/2 Stainless Steel Tubing
    1/2 Stainless Steel Tubing
    1800 PSIG
    (2) Conduit Connections
    Set at 1825 PSIG
Electrical Specifications

    Input Voltage
    115 VAC 60HZ
    Input Current
    3 AMPS
    System Alarm Output C.C.

    Setpoint Alarm Output C.C.

    Leak Detect Output C.C.

    Flash Input C.C.

    4-20ma Haze Output Scale 0-6

    4-20ma Gravity Input Scale User Selectable (Customer Supplied)

    4-20ma Temperature Input Scale User Selectable (Customer Supplied)

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