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Pipeline Sampling Systems

Automated Sampler System Overview

Meter Engineers’ automated sampling system is a PC based system with a remote PLC control system. A windows-based design simplifies the operator interface and reduces the time for operators to become proficient with the system. Point and click, pull-down menus, and tab driven functions make choices easy and readily available for the operator. The system features integrations for scheduling information, interface considerations, net barrel counts, end of batch indications, and customer-specific parameters into a completely automated user-friendly sampling solution.

Features at a Glance

The Meter Engineers automated sampling system has been designed to accurately and reliably create composite samples from a pipeline batch stream. Remote access and on-site intelligence allow for reliable unattended operation. Retained sample representation is greatly improved, due to multiple small samples taken per batch. Samples are retained on the rack in seamless aluminum cans. Samples are held under pressure to minimize vapor loss. Scheduling information is entered through a Windows-based spreadsheet interface that allows for easy editing of schedule parameters. New schedule data can be entered directly into a spreadsheet. Batches can be inserted, deleted, or modified with a minimum of effort and operator training.

The composite sample is very accurately obtained from the user-specified parameters and schedule. The system automatically compensates for variations in the piping to the field unit and in the system, line fill to a particular can. Several batches can be sampled before operator intervention is required. A virtually unlimited number of batches can be scheduled. Automatic printing of labels for cans and event logging.

Which Model Do I Need?


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AS1-102 Model Image
Model Specifications
Mechanical Specifications

    Sampler Layout
    1 Line 2 Cans
    Max Pressure
    2000 PSI
    Product Range
    Hydrocarbons and other processed liquids
    Product Inlet
    ¼ Stainless Steel Tubing
    Product Drain
    ½ Stainless Steel Tubing
    Samples Per Batch
    400 Quantity
    Sample Filtration
    140 Micron T type filter supplied
    10L X 6H X 2D
Electrical Specifications

      Input Voltage
      115 VAC 60HZ at instrument and computer
      Input Current
      3 AMPS at the instrument
      Status Inputs
      BBL CT, End of Batch, Remote Shutdown, Malfunction, etc.
      Status Outputs
      System Malfunction, Operator Intervention Required

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