Petro Gone™

Meter Prover Cleaning Solvent

Solvents Overview

Petro Gone™ is an environmentally friendly citrus-derived solvent formulated to remove hydrocarbons prior to calibration.


Our team has used this product internally for multiple years for its quality, reliability, and ease of use. We’re thrilled to be able to share it with our loyal customers and we are certain you will enjoy its simple 4-step cleaning process.

The 100% technical grade solution is available for purchase in 3 sizes, including 1 Gallon Jug, 5 Gallon Pail, and 55 Gallon Drum. Product is available at Meter Engineers Headquarters in Kechi, KS, our new Baytown, TX service center, and online when scheduling a water draw. Our team recommends a dilution strength of half a gallon to 5 barrels of empty prover volume. 

Petro Gone™ is compatible with many types of metal surfaces and composites. Not recommended for polyethylene, polypropylene, natural rubber, nitrile, neoprene, or Tygon. Easily removes paraffin, asphalt, adhesives, and tar from hard surfaces.


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