Detector Switches

Detector Switches

Switches For Meter Provers & Pipelines

Detector Switch Overview

Our patented switches combine all the best industry technology into one proven detector switch. Each detector switch is adaptable to any switch base, with little or no additional expense. Our switches are a great economical choice for detecting the passages of spheres in pipelines and meter provers.


Features at a Glance

Meter Engineers detector switches are designed with outstanding quality in mind.


  • TEFLON bushing guided for smooth activation. There are no metal-to-metal friction points.
  • Self-purging probe eliminates the need for bleeding air from the switch housing. Also, equalizes internal pressure in the switch housing to eliminate pressure resistance.
  • Self-cleaning – Wiper blade that travels past the magnetic switch, before the activation surface passes, to remove any metallic material that may build up in the magnetic field.
  • No expensive extensions for underground applications. Just add a 1/2″ rigid conduit riser to bring the wire termination box to a desired height. However, if the customer chooses to have the switch body above grade, extensions can be supplied for an additional cost.
  • The electrical elements have a UL, Class 1, Div 1 rating and they are hermetically sealed. ATEX Certification can be provided at an additional cost.
  • Easy wiring – There are only 4 colored wires to connect. (Black = Common, Blue = Normally Open, Green = Ground, Red = Normally Closed)
  • No adjustments make this switch easy to replace and extremely tamper proof.
  • Low maintenance (easy to install TEFLON bushing replacement kits.)
  • Adaptability – Adaptable to any switch base on the market with little or no additional expense.
  • Switch Element Performance
  • Repeatability: .002″ (.05 mm) typical
  • Response time: 8 milliseconds
  • Operating temperature: -40F to 221F
  • All detector switches are capable of 2000 PSI. A higher pressure test is available at customer request.
  • Every switch mechanism is factory tested for repeatability and accuracy.

What Base Do You Have?

F.H. Maloney Replacement

change model
F.H. Maloney Replacement Model Image
Model Specifications
Switch Base Measurements
  • Please furnish dimensions A & B or C when ordering

    A: Top of switch base to top of pipe

    B: Pipe wall thickness

    C: Top of switch base inside of pipe.

Electrical Element

    Housing Size
    Standard Probe Lengths: 1.025 in / 26 mm
    Housing Materials
    Stainless Steel Bar Stock
    Conduit Outlet
    Mini-change Standard
    Sensing Target Material
    Sensing Range
    Approx. .090in / 2mm @ 3000 PSI
     Contact Material
    Palladium Silver
    Single Pole, Double Throw
    Performance Repeatablity
    .002in / .05mm typical
    Response Time
    8 milliseconds
    Approx. .020in / .51mm
    Operating Temperature
    -40°F / -40°C to 400°F / 204°C
    Pressure Rating
    Stainless Steel 3000 PSI operating (UL tested 4x burst)
    UL and CSA
Replacement Parts

    MEI-SE Switch Element
    MEI-BK Bushing Kit (Includes busing, O-rings and spring)
    MEI-P Replacement Probe
    MEI-SE-BK Switch Element & Bushing Kit
    MEI-SE-BK-P Complete Rebuild Kit
    O-Rings ONLY
    Standard Spring
    Heavy-Duty Spring

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