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Delivering Accuracy
From The Start

Meter Engineers has delivered steadfast results for the oil and gas industries since our inception. We know accuracy is not a want or a need. It’s an expectation. For our customers, a small metering error can create an enormous dent in profits. All our metering equipment and measurement services are accurate, dependable, and contribute to a healthy bottom line.

Located in the heart of America, our commitment to exceptional customer service is rooted in every metering product, custom solution, and support from our factory. We’ve made a strategic investment in the Midwest with a state-of-the-art, world-class facility, which equips us to serve premium metering equipment right here in the heartland and across the globe. Nobody can offer the full encompassing suite of metering solutions like Meter Engineers.

Trusted in the Industry

When you need assurance in the field, you seek Meter Engineers. Serving worldwide for over four decades, our name is synonymous with innovative thinking, advanced manufacturing, and detailed quality control. Ingenuity is ingrained into all aspects of our state-of-the-art facility, cutting-edge product line, and exceptional factory support. When you work with Meter Engineers, you are working with a pioneer.


Meter Proving Systems
Meter Proving Systems

Our portable and stationary provers ensure accuracy and industry compliance for flow meters on a variety of in the field applications. Available in custom configurations and max flow rates, each prover is designed to eliminate the many prover problems of the past including our Unidirectional Provers, Bidirectional Provers, and the world’s first-meter prover using a linear actuator powered by a high-strength electromagnet, the MagnaProve®.

Meter Prover Accessories
Meter Prover Accessories

Make sure to customize your prover to fit your exact day-to-day needs.  We can add any combination of Load arms, Load-Assisting Technology, Swivel Joints, Solvents, and Custom Skids, Trailers, and Truck Beds.

Quality Control Monitoring Systems
Quality Control Monitoring Systems

Quality control monitoring products are designed to integrate scheduling information, interface considerations, net barrel counts, end-of-batch indications, and customer-specific parameters while creating a user-friendly means of ensuring systems consistency. Our RF3 Rapid Flash, Pipeline Haze Analyzer, and Fast Loop Systems are industry favorites.

Pipeline Metering Detector Switches
Detector Switches

Our Detector Switches combine the best technology into one switch. Its adaptability to any switch base, with little or no additional expense, makes it a good, economical choice. With Meter Engineers’ dedication and promise to serve, the MEI-SDS detector Switch has proven to be a leader across the globe.

Pipeline Meter Prover Spheres
Spheres & Accessories

The UniCast Sphere is a seamless, inflatable meter proving and pipeline sphere with enhanced durability and unwavering precision. Each sphere features a design optimized for elasticity, wear-resistance, and operational lifetime, while also eliminating seam splitting and delaminating during service. Along with our exceptional factory support, our spheres have become ubiquitous with the Petroleum industry globally, and the first choice for accuracy.


Fabrication & Consulting

With meter accuracy and dependability being more essential than ever, our experienced personnel has the capability to consult with you concerning problems associated with meter provers and in-the-field applications. We can also design and fabricate new systems according to your custom specifications. To schedule a consulting appointment, contact us.

Meter Prover Inspection, Reconditioning, and Maintenance Programs

Our highly trained technicians can provide on-site detailed meter prover inspections on most sizes and configurations of provers and pipes. When a meter prover needs reconditioning, our state-of-the-art equipment, facility, and dedicated staff will refurbish your metering equipment to the highest quality standards. We also offer meter prover preventative maintenance to service your metering equipment on semiannual and annual programs to keep meter provers operating to their full capacity.

Water Draw Calibration

Meter Engineers has qualified meter prover technicians with up-to-date equipment to handle your liquid meter proving needs except for ammonia and acetone products. As recognized leaders in the field of meter prover calibrations, we offer volumetric water draw calibration by our highly trained technicians to calibrate your unidirectional prover, bidirectional prover, tank prover, or compact prover.

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Product Support

From our floor to in-the-field, Meter Engineers products are manufactured and supported with rigorous detail. We proudly stand behind our products as a world-class support team; ready to assist customers when and how they need it. We are here for you.

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Do you need a metering solution for a specific application or flow rate on a job site? Or perhaps, you are looking for a custom prover product that delivers accuracy and dependability, but needs to adhere to some unique requirements? Contact our sales team, today!

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