Detector Switches


We have combined all of the best technology into one switch. Its adaptability to any switch base, with little or no additional expense, makes it a good, economical choice.

Outstanding Qualities:

    • TEFLON bushing guided for smooth activation. There are no metal-to-metal friction points.
    • Self-purging probe eliminates the need for bleeding air from the switch housing. Also, equalizes internal pressure in the switch housing to eliminate pressure resistance.
    • Self-cleaning – Wiper blade that travels past the magnetic switch, before the activation surface passes, to remove any metallic material that may build up in the magnetic field.
    • No expensive extensions for underground applications. Just add a 1/2″ rigid conduit riser to bring the wire termination box to a desired height. However, if the customer chooses to have the switch body above grade, extensions can be supplied for an additional cost.
    • The electrical elements have a UL, Class 1, Div 1 rating and they are hermetically sealed. ATEX Certification can be provided at an additional cost.
    • Easy wiring – There are only 4 colored wires to connect. (Black = Common, Blue = Normally Open, Green = Ground, Red = Normally Closed)
    • No adjustments make this switch easy to replace and extremely tamper proof.
    • Low maintenance (easy to install TEFLON bushing replacement kits.)
    • Adaptability – Adaptable to any switch base on the market with little or no additional expense.
    • Switch Element Performance
    • Repeatability: .002″ (.05 mm) typical
    • Response time: 8 milliseconds
    • Operating temperature: -40? F to 221? F
    • All detector switches are hydrostatically tested to 1800 PSI. A higher pressure test can be done at customer request.
    • Every switch mechanism is factory tested for repeatability and accuracy.
    • Same day shipping when ordered before 3:00pm CST


  • Up to four elements can be mounted to a housing for reasons including indication lights, prover control or etc. if necessary.