Quality Control Monitoring Systems


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AS1-102 Model Image
Model Specifications
Mechanical Specifications

    Sampler Layout
    1 Line 2 Cans
    Max Pressure
    2000 PSI
    Product Range
    Hydrocarbons and other processed liquids
    Product Inlet
    ¼ Stainless Steel Tubing
    Product Drain
    ½ Stainless Steel Tubing
    Samples Per Batch
    400 Quantity
    Sample Filtration
    140 Micron T type filter supplied
    10L X 6H X 2D
Electrical Specifications

      Input Voltage
      115 VAC 60HZ at instrument and computer
      Input Current
      3 AMPS at the instrument
      Status Inputs
      BBL CT, End of Batch, Remote Shutdown, Malfunction, etc.
      Status Outputs
      System Malfunction, Operator Intervention Required

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