Water Draw Calibration

Volumetric Water Draw Calibration Process

Meter Engineers is recognized as the leader in the field of meter prover calibrations.
The calibration procedure known as the volumetric water draw method establishes the known volume of the pipe prover at base conditions. This method is performed by displacing water from the prover into field standard test measures.

Meter Engineers has highly trained technicians to calibrate your unidirect prover, bidirect prover, tank prover, or compact prover. Each water draw unit consists of a water reservoir, stainless steel test measures certified by NIST, certified thermometers, pressure gauge and large centrifugal pumps to accommodate any size sphere or piston prover. All of our portable water draw calibration units are completely self-contained. Equipped with associated pipework, hoses, 4-way valve, and on board generators.

All procedures and calculations follow API recommendations.

Gravimetric Water Draw Calibration Process

Coming soon…

This method establishes the volume of the measurement section in the prover at base conditions utilizing a weighing system consisting of scales, certified weights, and containers to hold the water.