Unidirectional Meter Provers

Meter Engineers has developed a unique unidirectional meter prover that eliminates many of the problems other unidirectional prover
designs encounter.

Meter Engineers unique interchange design ensures positive sphere launch every time. It eliminates the sphere buoyancy problems causing
the sphere to mis-launch. The interchange also includes a clean out line preventing trash from getting in the prover and causing
damage to the coating, seals or pipe.

Meter Engineers unidirectional prover system is ideal for high volume installations where single or multiple products are handled.

The seal mechanism is designed to receive very little wear from operation and has been proven to last for many years.

Meter Engineers can also design a unidirect prover suited to your specifications. Please submit our Online Prover Information Form
to provide us the information we need to give you a quote. Or, you may use our Printable Prover Information Form.

Advantages of Meter Engineers Unidirectional Prover

  • Minimum pressure loss through the prover loop
  • Minimum pressure surges
  • Minimum product contamination
  • Easy operation, local and remote
  • Easier and faster to calibrate
  • Easy seal & sphere maintenance