Pipe & Prover Inspection

Prover Inspection Cameras

With one push type camera and one tractor driven camera our highly trained technicians can provide an “on site” detailed inspection on most sizes and configurations of provers and pipes.

Bad Coating

Good Coating

Below are just some of the advantages of remote imaging:

  • Helps plan future maintenance instead of having emergency projects fall into your already busy schedule and tight budgets.
  • Our cameras are explosion proof so this service can be utilized at any time by just blocking in and draining the prover in most products. (Some cleaning may be necessary in crude service to insure an accurate inspection.)
  • If performed prior to a scheduled waterdraw calibration, it will confirm the cleanliness and integrity of the prover.
  • Receive a USB drive of the entire inspection with on screen text pointing out flaws, damage and debris.
  • Great for new Prover inspections. Be sure you are getting what you paid for.
  • Our prices are cheaper than renting the equipment and doing it yourself.
  • Can be scheduled for a multi-prover run to help save on mileage and expenses.
  • MEI offers sphere seal checks utilizing this equipment to check for any leakage around the sphere.

For use in hazardous environments Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D 140 Watts Max T3.

Excluding the following atmospheres: Keytones, Alcohols esters, Acetones, Ethyl, Acetate.