Small Volume Piston Prover

The Future of Small Volume Prover Technology

Meter Engineers new, patented MagnaProve® is the most dependable, user friendly and economical small volume piston prover on the market. Accuracy is not a want or a need. It’s an expectation. For the petroleum industry, a small metering error can create an enormous dent in profits. With the new MagnaProve, accuracy and dependability contribute to a healthy bottom line. This product is designed for precision and durability, while remaining flexible and versatile for a wide range of metering sites and applications.

Exclusive Unique Drive System with A High-Strength Electromagnet 

Why the magnet? It was the lure of building a better product. The world needed a prover with superior flow rate turndown, faster cycle times and improved system durability. From these aspirations, we developed the MagnaProve, the only meter prover to utilize the power of the magnet. This proprietary electromagnet design with a linear actuator gathers its performance by releasing the piston from the magnet, which removes drag from proving runs. This drastically boosts efficiency and proving cycle times. In fact, the linear actuator provides prover readings in as little as 5 second intervals, depending on the flow rate. Equally important, the magnetic field does not transfer through the stainless-steel internal parts. This ensures no extra debris is picked up that would affect the accuracy of proving readings. Additionally, the stainless-steel casing prevents electromagnetic field interference to the system, allowing the magnet and piston to perform their duties unencumbered. All things considered, who wouldn’t be attracted to a prover that delivers this level of system certainty?

Product Specifications