Meter Prover / Design / Fabrication

Metering Equipment Fabrication


To further our slogan “Your One Stop Prover Shop”, we are excited to announce the new MagnaProve is available to order. When you need a solution that delivers accuracy, choose the MagnaProve — the dependable, user friendly and economical compact prover.

Unidirectional Meter Provers
Unidirectional provers are designed to return the sphere displacer to a start position using an interchange. The interchange is the means by which the sphere displacer is transferred from the downstream to the upstream end of the loop utilizing?electro-mechanical detector switches within the calibrated measurement section, allowing the sphere displacer to travel in same direction for every run.

Bidirectional Meter Provers
Operating on a round trip basis, the bidirectional prover has a length of pipe which the displacer sphere is transferred back and forth by use of a four way valve. The four way valve allows flow reversal through the prover to move the displacer sphere between the electro-mechanical detector switches within the calibrated measurement section.

Volumetric Tank Provers
A volumetric tank prover has a cylindrical shape that includes an upper neck, upper scale, upper sight glass and upper and lower cones. It can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Meter Skids
Meter skids are fabricated to your specifications.