Meter Prover / Design / Fabrication

Metering Equipment Fabrication

Compact Meter Provers
Coming Soon…

UPDATE 5/14/2018 – Exciting News! Be sure to stop by Booth O-02 to visit us as we unveil our newly designed compact prover, MagnaProve, at  the 93rd annual ISHM . May 15-17, 2018.

UPDATE 1/1/2018 – To further our slogan “Your One Stop Prover Shop”, MEI is in the final stages of testing our newly designed compact prover. There is a “stir” of excitement in the air, from employees to a small group of customers having significant input in the design, as it is shaping up to be the most dependable, user friendly and economical compact prover option on the market. We are extremely excited to be releasing more information as we get closer to the release date, so keep checking our website, Facebook and LinkedIn for further updates.

Unidirectional Meter Provers
Unidirectional provers are designed to return the sphere displacer to a start position using an interchange. The interchange is the means by which the sphere displacer is transferred from the downstream to the upstream end of the loop utilizing electro-mechanical detector switches within the calibrated measurement section, allowing the sphere displacer to travel in same direction for every run.

Bidirectional Meter Provers
Operating on a round trip basis, the bidirectional prover has a length of pipe which the displacer sphere is transferred back and forth by use of a four way valve. The four way valve allows flow reversal through the prover to move the displacer sphere between the electro-mechanical detector switches within the calibrated measurement section.

Volumetric Tank Provers
A volumetric tank prover has a cylindrical shape that includes an upper neck, upper scale, upper sight glass and upper and lower cones. It can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Meter Skids
Meter skids are fabricated to your specifications.