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New Preventative Maintenance Program

APLI is pleased to announce our new preventative maintenance program. Under this program, APLI will send a technician to your site to service your equipment on a semiannual, annual, or combination program. The semiannual procedure is basic preventative maintenance, the annual maintenance procedure is a complete inspection, cleaning and thorough check-out of your equipment and the combination agreement combines both the semiannual and annual trips and comes with a limited warranty.

This program includes the following procedures.

Haze Tracker

Every 6 months
Inspect clean and adjust:

  • Inspect and clean sight glass
  • Torque bolts
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Clean camera lens, adjust settings and alignment
  • Clean computer, internal components, and electronics
  • Inspect and clean light source.
  • Test function of float switch
  • Test function of heater and thermostat
  • Test self-cleaning system
  • Check photo cell
  • Run haze factor test


  • Replace lamp inside light source
  • Every 12 months
  • Everything listed under the 6-month plan
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