Serving the Petroleum Measurements Industry

Since 1976, when Bill Young started the company, Meter Engineers has been serving the Petroleum Measurements Industry. It is now in its second generation of ownership.

At Meter Engineers, we attribute our growth and longevity to a steadfast commitment to service, innovation and consistent performance. In addition, our promise to deliver results and solutions for the industry we serve will never change.

Furthermore, part of our corporate culture is to constantly assess how things are being done, and how they can be done better. Consequently, when you work with Meter Engineers, you are working with four decades of research, improvement and results.

2003 Patent | Prover Detector Switch

In 2003, Meter Engineers patented a Prover Detector Switch design which has become the standard for the majority of the pipeline and oil companies worldwide.

2004 Patent | Meter Prover Spheres

In 2004, Meter Engineers developed a patented solution for Meter Prover Spheres. As a pioneer in the seamless Sphere Manufacturing Industry, our Meter Prover Spheres have also become ubiquitous in the Petroleum Industry globally.

Meter Equipment Solutions

Meter Engineers continues to develop new solutions for the Petroleum Industry and welcomes the opportunity to provide the service, support and products that our customers have come to appreciate.